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that still small voice that calls to you (and what mine had to say)

January 10, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

I get asked a lot about my journey as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSE) and particularly how my relationship with money has changed over the years and, boy, has it ever.

I’ve gone from living and running my business out of a tiny, rent-stabilized studio apartment barely being able to make ends meet to leading a growing movement and mission with a team of 10 serving HSEs around the globe.

And I can track the shift back to one single moment of listening to that still small voice…

I was sitting on a couch in Las Vegas (of all places) when suddenly I was presented with an incredible opportunity (nothing to do with gambling) and in that moment, I heard and felt these words drop in, “Say, yes. And do NOT, ignore me again.”

Let me explain.

Just the day before I had also heard that still small voice, but as was my typical mode of operandi at that time, I ignored it. I told myself I was being silly, making it up and that if I took action on what I was hearing, I would be made a fool.

Seconds later that still small voice was confirmed, but by someone else who had taken the action. Not me.

And I watched someone else benefit. Not me.

Then, there it was barely 24 hours later and I was being given a second chance.

So, I said, yes.

And everything changed about my relationship with money…

Now, not because of the opportunity I said yes to (although that was also extremely beneficial to me), but I can truly say because I chose to say yes when I typically would have said no.

I traded “logic” for “magic” – otherwise known as listening to my intuition.

It was the beginning of operating from my HSE Strengths – though I didn’t know that’s what it was at the time – and I’d have to go through some major emotional peaks and valleys before I would get to that knowing – but my relationship with money was forever changed in that instant regardless.

There’s a teaching from A Course In Miracles called “The Holy Instant” which states:

“The holy instant is this instant and every instant. The one you want it to be it is. The one you would not have it be is lost to you. You must decide when it is. Delay it not. For beyond the past and future, where you will not find it, it stands in shimmering readiness for your acceptance. Yet you cannot bring it into glad awareness while you do not want it, for it holds the whole release from littleness.

Your practice must therefore rest upon your willingness to let all littleness go. The instant in which magnitude dawns upon you is but as far away as your desire for it.”

When I chose to say, yes, that was a moment of my willingness to choose magnitude over littleness and it defined the before (struggle, worry, doubt, loneliness, scarcity) vs. the after (peace, trust, confidence, ability, community, prosperity).

Now, my hand extends to you with a similar opportunity as the one I had been presented with:

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XO. Heather

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