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the only way

October 04, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

There are two “P” words that can tend to throw a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSE) into a bit of a tizzy (and I led an in-person Training Retreat for about 100 HSEs where I really focused in on these …)

→ Patience
→ Persistence

“Patience” can annoy the heck out of an HSE when their Visionary Strength has gone to the Entitled Queen dark side and just because the HSE has the ability to see their vision the HSEs Shadow expects to have it all now.

So when the HSE realizes that the only way to that Vision is step-by-patient-step it can feel frustrating.

Which leads us to “Persistence”. Now, this can confuse the heck out of an HSE who hasn’t learned how to manage her HSE Coping Mechanism.

The Pusher thinks “Persistence” can only mean pushing harder and The Hider thinks “Persistence” means massive overwhelm; all the more reason to hide.

The key word in that last sentence is “thinks”.

The way to access the power of these “P” words is through the heart.

When you see your Vision ask your heart, “what is the step-by-patient-step plan to getting there?”

And listen to what your heart says.

When you want to give up because you don’t immediately get what you want on your first try ask your heart to reconnect you back to your step-by-patient-step Vision plan and to show you an Option B.

Your heart will show you, but you must be willing to pay attention to what you are shown.

When you follow these steps then you are also always led to a third “P” word…


That’s the way to be a Highly Sensitive Leader™ in your business and your life.


XO. Heather

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