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this blocks your intuition – Heather Dominick

January 28, 2021  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Fear is never the best force to use to drive your life, your business or your relationships forward…

Fear of what you’ll lose.
Fear of who you’ll have to be.
Fear of what others will say or think.
Fear of disappointing not only those you love, but also those you don’t even know.
Fear of whether you’re doing it right or wrong.
Fear there won’t be enough.
Fear that YOU are not enough.

All forms of fear are unreliable antennas for which direction you’re meant to go next.

Mostly because fear blocks your intuition.

And your intuition is one of your greatest Highly Sensitive Strengths.

Very often I hear Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and Leaders say to me that they can’t do something because their intuition says so. This “unreasonable reason” of why they can’t do something reeks of fear and resistance. So, whenever I hear this, I know they have lost their way.

Your intuition will pull you forward (while also going against all logic most of the time) but it will never shut you down or hold you back




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