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This is my commitment

June 04, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

I fell in love with my husband because early on when we were dating, he said to me, “I’m committed to the growth of our relationship.”

This struck me in the heart because “commitment to growth” has always defined my purpose for doing anything. 

It’s how I show up in my marriage, my friendships, my team, my business, my life’s work, my life. I’m always looking for: what can be learned here? And how can we improve based on what we’ve just learned?

I pride myself on being on the cutting edge of self-evolution, but this past week I was humbly shown where I’ve missed the mark.

For many reasons (that I could list here but won’t) I’ve considered myself racially aware most of my life, but clearly not nearly as aware as is needed and now I see the next level of how I’m meant to learn, grow, evolve and do differently.

One example is I’ve been aware for years that my team does not reflect the diversity I’ve desired but I have not taken action beyond this awareness. I am committed to that action now.

Another example is I’ve been aware how my curriculum does not address racism or diversity but have not taken action beyond this awareness. I am committed to that action now.

And how I’ve used my highly sensitive nature as a reason to be satisfied with awareness vs. action in this area of my professional life. I am committed to doing it differently now.

I don’t know what it will or is meant to look like, but I’m willing to show up and discover the way step by step. One, this is how we do things best as highly sensitives and, two, the mark of effective leadership is notneeding to know all the answers before taking action, but simply the willingness to be in action from a place of purpose, education and intention.

This is my commitment.

I share all of this because I know as highly sensitives our minds will often stop us with the limiting thought, “I won’t be able to handle it.” Yet, if there is anything 2020 has shown us, we can handle much more than we ever realized before.

I look forward to continuing to show up as the Highly Sensitive Leaders these Exceptional Times are calling us up to be – together.

In Faith,

P.S. A resource I found valuable before these times and even more so through these times is author, speaker and activist, Heather McGhee. You can see her ted talk here.

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