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this is scary

March 08, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Being self-employed is downright scary and anyone who tells you it isn’t is either:

A) lying or  
B) of the other 80% who get a thrill out of major life risk-taking.

It’s scary because it tosses right in your face all the things you’re able to hide from when you work for someone else.

Things like:

– needing to market your business (Vulnerability) 
– selling your services (Self-Worth) 
– massive organization (Self-Discipline) 
– scheduling and planning (Self-Value) 
– the will to keep going (Deep Belief and Trust)

Bottom-line: if you want to fast-track personal growth – start a business.

And that’s the jiggy, isn’t it?

Even though being self-employed is scary and challenging and all of the other feelings that can come with it (frustration, exhaustion, annoyance – just to name a few); being self-employed is also beyond transformational and deeply rewarding.

It will give you an inside-out metamorphosis like nothing else.

Especially for us (Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs) HSEs.

It’s the place where your Internal Little One (who learned long ago that she had to protect herself from the rest of the world who did not accept her differences) can finally flourish.

Each day of being self-employed She (your Internal Little One) will grow more and more with Divine Courage, Patience, Ease and Calm. Let alone more Prosperous.

Now, that’s what I call a Life Purpose Payoff.


XO. Heather

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