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this is tricky

March 01, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Giving-Receiving-Receiving-Giving … it all tends to be tricky for us HSEs … Our hearts guide us to be generous and then we can tend to over-give and feel resentful or get afraid that we will be taken advantage of or hold back because “Why does everyone always need something from me all of the time?”…

Or give, give, give until there’s literally nothing left for ourselves and“No, really, you don’t need to pay me.” or “Gosh! No! Don’t buy me lunch!”or “I can’t accept that gift, it’s too much.” …

On and on; back and forth…


And ultimately it all comes down to you and your ability to use your HSE Strength of Intuition partnered with discernment to learn how to truly give when you feel called to WITHOUT ATTACHMENT and to receive graciously and abundantly every time it (whatever “it” might be in each moment) is offered.

This is how your highly sensitive self-esteem is bolstered and your finances begin to flow.

The Divine will always provide for you, but you must do your part by opening up to say, YES.

YES, I am genuinely happy to give this to you.

YES, I am genuinely happy to receive this from you.

Oh, and, YES, I will do my part to ASK for what I need when I need it and with full personal responsibility make a next choice and then take a next action whether I receive directly from each action or not.


XO. Heather

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