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this is #TRUTH

July 05, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

“You have sacred contracts that you are here to serve.” This is a Truth I’ve been teaching for years.

80%ers (Warrior Kings and Queens) tend to have a difficult time with this concept because for them it’s about how to get as many clients as possible as fast as possible. More of a “conquer” rather than a “coach” approach.

However, for us HSEs (Royal Advisors) who tend to be Deeply Spiritual By Nature (one of our HSE Strengths) we know that business is about relationships and relationships are about sacred contracts made on an Akashic plane that are destined to occur. There are simply those clients we are MEANT to serve.

And so we will.

AS LONG AS we can get out of the way.

A key ingredient for the occurrence of a sacred contract is alignment. And there’s a whole ton of crap that will try to get in the way of alignment.

Here’s just a few:

• lack of trust
• limiting beliefs
• acting out of integrity
• needing approval from others
• clinging to ideas, people, material possessions, you name it
• insisting on a certain timeline
• fear of being seen
• unwillingness
• downright resistance

Just to name a few.

So then this is where, what I call, the “real work” lies: in the Core Practice of getting out of one’s own way, consistently, so you can be free to connect with your sacred contracts, those who you are destined to serve.

No branding course or spankin’ new website can get you there …


XO. Heather

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