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October 16, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

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In these tumultuous and uncertain times how do you speak your truth (with grace, compassion and kindness) as a Highly Sensitive Leader while also maintaining important relationships, especially if the other person happens to disagree with what you believe to be true?

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, the way to lead is to being willing to have difficult conversations.

We tend to avoid difficult conversations as a Highly Sensitive Leader because, well, we believe they are going to be difficult! And the meaning we’ve given to “difficult” is that as a highly sensitive it will too overwhelming and we won’t be able to handle it.

However, difficult conversations are possible as a highly sensitive when you’ve learned how to regulate your emotions.

The way we do that according to the Harvard Health Report is through appreciation, affliction and autonomy.

  • Appreciation, is to either approach any intentional difficult conversation with appreciation, and/or to reach for appreciation, when we find ourselves suddenly in the midst of a difficult conversation, that we perhaps were not anticipating.
  • Affliction, is the recognition that any difficult conversation, is not happening in a vacuum. It is not up to you and only you. There are two or more people involved, in a difficult conversation.
  • Autonomy, is about communication, and not making decisions that involve someone else, without them knowing about it. That includes assumptions about how you believe they will respond, or react to a request.

By consciously deciding to master difficult conversations, and consistently having them, you will experience more peace and success in your relationships, allowing navigating these Exceptional Times with grace and integrity to be a heck of a lot easier.

And at the same time you are retraining your highly sensitive nervous system and your mindset to become more and more comfortable with difficult conversations, so what seems challenging now will have little to no triggering effect on you a year from now = massive freedom.

And you can create ANYTHING you want from a foundation of freedom. ✨✨

In Faith,

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