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January 31, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

What’s your story? Every Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSE) has one. A story that’s been the beating drum of your highly sensitive nature, shaping everything about who you are and what you experience. Including your business.

At the past in-person Training Retreat I led for my Business Miracles Mentoring Program Members I taught an entire session on Personal Responsibility vs. Taking Things Personally.

Most HSE stories consist in some shape or form around “taking things personally”.

I know this because I am constantly hearing this from HSEs and I can tell they don’t even realize that their justification about why marketing is so hard, a prospect was so offensive or that everything about their business is so overwhelming, is in the light that it is all personal.

When none of it is personal.

As I also taught at my most recent Training Retreat, you’re not having difficulties in your business because you’re highly sensitive; it’s because of how you’re reacting to being highly sensitive in your business.

So, it only makes sense that if you desire HSE Financial Success in your business that it is time to RISE UP and change the story.

Which is, of course, everything my Business Miracles Mentoring Programs teach you to do. 🙂

XO. Heather

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