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true freedom

January 18, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

You wouldn’t have been given the inspired idea of your business if this wasn’t part of The Divine Plan.

I’ve been teaching this for years because I’ve been living this for years. Over and over again.

And here’s the super important thing I’ve learned about this through my 15 years of being self-employed: it won’t always look like you expect it to look or want it to look.

Actually, most of the time it won’t.

But if you’re willing to open yourself up fully to work with everything the Divine brings to you through the act of being in business from a place of personal responsibility, rather than victimhood; and to be, as A Course In Miracles says, “miracle ready” …

You will be led.
You will be shown.
You will succeed.

It’s just that your business will always bring to you whatever is needed to support you with clearing all the years of gunk and debris you’ve been carrying. (And usually this isn’t very pretty.)

If you’re willing to let it go, you’ll emerge shining in your HSE Strengths.

If you insist on clinging to the clutter like your life depends on it, you’ll be plunged into your HSE Shadows.

The choice is always yours.

But the longings of your heart can and will be met through the inspired idea of your business, if you allow.

THAT’S true freedom.

XO. Heather

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