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two MOST important skills

August 23, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

I’ve watched Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (HSEs) twist, turn, tumble and do everything else possible to avoid the two MOST important skills needed for HSE Financial Success:

1) Having a one to one selling conversation.
2) Raising your rates.

You must be willing to master the process of speaking directly to your prospects (Even if your big HSE Strength of Visionary dream is to work one to many, like with a membership site or such.) and enrolling them in your service.

(So, thank goodness I’ve developed and designed a stellar way for a HSE to have a selling conversation that taps into the HSE Strength of Being Spiritual by Nature!)

And you must be able to provide yourself the income you need by serving the number of PRIVATE clients that works best for you and your ideal schedule. So, you raise your rates to match that.


And then you grow from there.


That IS the solid, sure-fire way to HSE Financial Success.


That IS IT.

Okay, message delivered. 🙂

XO. Heather

P.S. Want to know the steps of HOW to do this? Of course! It’s everything I teach. 🙂 Just fill out this form and we will get you all set up to speak to one of our Business Miracles Enrollment Coaches to see if the deep, business-altering work we do makes sense for you.

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