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We can positively effect change

January 21, 2021  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

I want to share with you a story about a woman called Thecla – a woman who stuck to her courage of conviction regardless of others attempts to break her down and silence her. 

As I was reading Thecla’s story, there was one line in particular that really stuck out to me. By using her voice, she gave other women permission to use theirs.

WOW. Now that is a powerful legacy.

By freeing her voice, she freed the voice of many.

As Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and Leaders, using our voice to express ourselves is a direct path to true freedom and to being able to positively effect change.

We are each being called to RISE UP to serve like never before and to lead differently as a result of these times we are graced to be experiencing – together.

If you sense that you’re meant to join with others and dive into a deep training process to position yourself to effectively use your voice to create what you want and to fulfill your purpose in your business and life as a highly sensitive, then I invite you to click here to speak to a Business Miracles Enrollment Coach, who will help you get clear on whether this is the best next step for you at this time.

By freeing your voice, you can free the voice of many, in whatever way that is meant to look for you.


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