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what Dr. Aron told me – highly sensitive person

June 26, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Dr. Elaine Aron highly sensitive person

Right before the global pandemic of 2020 hit, I had a session with Dr. Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person. I was connecting with her to get her insight about what it takes for a highly sensitive person to get their needs met as part of my preparation to lead a Training Retreat on this very subject that was meant to take place in May 2020.

Then the world changed.

However, what hasn’t changed is a golden nugget I took away from that conversation which was the concept of what it means to be a “high-functioning highly sensitive”.

This nugget has grown into a treasure chest over these past months as I’ve gone deep while stepping up to serve the Highly Sensitive Leaders in my Business Miracles Community through these Exceptional Times. I’ve opened the door wide for each member to truly begin to claim and develop what leadership is meant to look like for each of them as a high-functioning highly sensitive through and beyond these times.

I’ve led real-time trainings and Roundtable conversations about

  • how to use intuition with everything from planning to rest and replenishment
  • emotional intelligence in communication and marketing
  • how to innovatively pivot
  • and now, finally, during the second week of July we will be spending two whole days in an experiential process to get clear about how our needs are able to be met as highly sensitives while serving the needs of others – Highly Sensitive Relationship Leadership.

Our two days together with be virtual, but they will be powerful and I’m excited. 🙂

As highly sensitives we are being called to RISE UP to serve like never before and to lead differently as a result of these times we are graced to be experiencing – together. The time of Highly Sensitive Leadership has come.

If you know you’re meant to join us then please submit your application to be considered for this most important leadership training:

In Faith,
XO. Heather

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