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what have we learned?

December 17, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

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Something that’s really been interesting me lately is the concept that history repeats itself.

Now, intellectually we know this to be true, but actually working with this concept effectively is an entirely different experience and story for ourselves – individually and collectively.

In regards to history repeating itself, I’ve personally been doing a lot of research on the 1918 pandemic.

When I started this research, I wasn’t necessarily interested in what happened during the 1918 pandemic, I was interested in what happened AFTER the 1918 pandemic.

As we live through the 2020 Global Pandemic, it occurred to me I was never taught anything about the 1918 Pandemic.

It wasn’t part of my schooling or even family conversations (And I’ve since learned that my great-grandmother not only survived the 1918 pandemic, but remained healthy while caring for her sick and dying family – how did I not know this?).

How did the 1918 pandemic effect everything that transpired after it?

I really got my interest peaked when my Sweetheart Husband and I watched the Ken Burns documentary on jazz, which expands through the last century plus. As it got to 1917 and 1918 I was on the edge of my seat, just waiting to see what was going to be referenced in regards to how the pandemic influenced music.


Not one mention.

In all of my research, it is remarkable to me that there are rarely mentions of, let alone direct connections made to what happened in that pandemic of 1918-1920a pandemic that killed 50 million people around the globe, and what happened afterward.

The 1918 pandemic must have had an impact on everything that’s transpired since that time. How could it not?

What have we learned from that?

This is also not the first time in history we’ve been faced with leadership that is narcissistic, that is fascist, that has a commitment to benefitting few at the cost of many.

What have we learned from that?

This is not the first time, at all, not even close, where people of black, brown, alternate color – anything other than white – have faced injustice.

What have we learned from that?

I invite you to join me in looking through this lens of “History repeats itself” and inquiring how can it be different this time?

To ask ourselves, as Highly Sensitive Leaders, “What is the change that I am being given the opportunity to effect as a result of knowing that this has occurred before?”

2020, as you have heard me say before, is coming to us as an opportunity. And part of that is the “opportunity” for each of us to inquire “What Is 2020 Showing Me About Who I Am and What I Value?”

And am I going to allow 2020 to truly change me for the better? 

It is these types of questions, this type of inquiry, that is going to allow us to emerge from this year, these Exceptional Times, as stronger highly sensitive people poised to lead and create a world that’s better.


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