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what I’m reading and watching to keep myself moving forward through these times

September 04, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

I’ve been asked a lot during these Exceptional Times of 2020 how I’m staying sane, remaining grounded, continuing to gracefully lead my Community of Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and Leaders from around the world to continue to excel for themselves while overall just keeping my sh*zzzz together as I face some major personal life changes as result of these times as well.

Soooo … I thought it would be fun to share on the first Friday of each month what I’m reading, watching, listening to (and tools I’m using, too) to keep myself moving forward through these times. Here’s where I’m at this month…

1. The Neapolitan Novels Boxed Set by, Elena Ferrante (Amazon – or check your local bookstore first!)  Honestly, I haven’t started reading even one page of these four Italian novels, but I’m excited to dive in. I’d heard about this series a while ago, but just hadn’t gotten around to it. Everyone I’ve talked to RAVES about this author (she’s also known to be very mysterious and her English translator has never even spoken a word to her in person, let alone ever met her, which I love! I’m always intrigued by someone who dares to refuse the spotlight :)) Next month I’ll let you know if I’ve “joined the club”, and if you start reading too, then we can compare notes!

2. Commentary: My daughter Heather Heyer’s death taught me how to grieve. We all need to know how today, by Susan Bro (Fortune) – Such a touching personal response to the collective grief we are all experiencing right now. It can be so tempting to deny this grief, stuff this grief, claim victim to this grief, and this mother’s wisdom is a reminder that we do have the ability to choose otherwise – step by step.

3. ‘Bill & Ted’ Explained by Gen X to Gen Z by, Azi Paybarah, Johnny Diaz, Christina Morales and Bryan Pietsch (NY Times) – Oh. My. Gosh. Ok, full transparency – I’ve never even seen the movie “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, but this article is just such a fun (and funny) demonstration of the difference between generations, and since one of my clients and I were just talking about how to work with clients from varying generations during a VIP Day Session, this article caught my eye. I’m so glad it did! My favorite line: 

Bryan: My third grade classroom had an out-of-order telephone booth that we would hang out in for silent reading time, but I’ve never used one to make a call. People still did that in the early 90s?”

1. Schitt’s Creek (Netflix) – I am now watching this entire series for the second time – in a row! And I never, ever do that. My friend, Alexandra, told me about this months ago (pre-pandemic) and I did not heed her recommendation and then my friend Shira said it was a must watch, so with the nudge of two people I trust, I tuned in, stayed with it through the first episode and fell DEEP into obsession.

I think there is a reason this series spoke to me more mid-pandemic vs. pre-pandemic and here’s why: the story’s essence is about a family who experiences sudden, unexpected change that forces them to navigate living in a “new world” in a new way which includes them having to live more closely together than they’ve ever had to before. Sound familiar?

And I love how these characters change because of these circumstances, while also simultaneously and unabashedly never caving to the temptation to “change in order to fit in” but instead, remain true to their uniqueness – which includes very personal fashion choices for each of them. #LOVE.

1. Faith, by George Michael (Spotify) – I am both aging and outing myself here as a definite child and lover of pop 80’s. I don’t know exactly why I’ve been redrawn to listen to this album that I privately loved as a teen (while everyone else in my high school was listening to Eric Clapton and The Grateful Dead). Maybe it’s because my teen self who had just lost her mom could really connect with the secret sorrow that threads through each song (years later we all learned why) and now that same thread in many ways weaves through these Exceptional Times.

1. Weekly Activations: Applying the 50 Miracle Principles of A Course In Miracles to accelerate Highly Sensitive Leadership through these Exceptional Times

I’m sharing this again because due to scheduling, I had to miss leading this live, free call for two weeks and – WOW – I really missed it. We are back to our weekly, consistent schedule starting Monday September 14th, 2020 at 11:00am, EASTERN.

I continue to receive extremely positive feedback from Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and Leaders who are tuning in from all corners of the globe: Ireland, Chile, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Alaska, Hawaii and everywhere in between. I highly recommend you join us and watch how you, your work and your life change for the better as a result. 


Hope you find something useful (or just plain fun) in these recommendations to support yourself with keeping it all moving forward during these Exceptional Times as a Highly Sensitive Leader.

I’d love to hear what you’re reading, watching and listening to as well; I’m always open to being introduced to something new and will happily give you credit if it’s something I end up latching onto. Just comment below and let me know. 🙂

We will continue to transcend these times – together.

In Faith,
XO. Heather 

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