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what won’t work as we go forward as a highly sensitive person business owner

July 30, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Heather Dominick highly sensitive person business owner

A few nights ago I dreamt I was at a party (like the ones from my 20s in some loft of someone I don’t know in SoHo) and then woke up thinking, “I may never go to a party again.” This year of 2020 is a mind-bender. Though I don’t desire the SoHo parties of my 20s it boggles my mind that this choice is off the table – for now anyway.

And whether we like it or want to admit it, this is part of both the challenge and the opportunity of these Exceptional Times for the Highly sensitive person business owner. Our choices have changed.

What worked in business and life 6 months ago will not work going forward. Not in the same way at least, but as Highly Sensitive Leaders we have one key strength that will help us lead ourselves and others through these times: Deep Listening.

With so much unknown, so many new decisions to be made, and levels upon levels of anxiety being experienced by so many people, the ability to Deeply Listen as a highly sensitive is more important than ever.

This Highly Sensitive Strength goes way beyond everyday listening. It’s a strength that’s natural to us as sensitive leaders because we use more than our ears; we use our complimentary sensitive strengths of intuition and being able to read subtleties.

This strength is available to support us in being of service to others, but also just as much in service to ourselves.

As a result of these Exceptional Times everything is up for reconsideration. Pre-COVID there were so many expectancies and pre-judgements. If you graduated from a certain school it meant this; if you were of this color race it meant that; if you followed this marketing formula you’d get that result …

Now? Not so much.

All of those “guarantees” won’t work as we go forward.

What will work is Deep Listening.  For years now I’ve been teaching a proprietary process of “intuitive planning” for the Highly Sensitive Leaders I mentor that is all about listening to the guidance of your heart and creating a 6-month plan from this space. It’s an intuitive process, but it’s also scientific. Our hearts are a collection of nerves about the size of a cat’s brain, and the heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain does to the heart.

Deep Listening is about connecting to your heart. As you listen to anything whether it be something someone is saying to you or the thoughts in your own head, you can check in with your heart.Truth will feel like a calm opening in your chest with perhaps a spark of curiosity to want to hear and understand more. A lie will feel internally chaotic and your chest will restrict and try to close off.

This process I teach has created incredible results for highly sensitives around the globe: marriages have been healed, babies have been born, businesses have flourished, income has tripled and so much more.

So, though what worked pre-COVID won’t necessarily work anymore, there’s a greater opportunity available to us – to listen deeply, respond to the guidance we hear and dare to create anew as we go forward.

This is the way to lead as we continue through these Exceptional Times. Your business, life and all of the lives you touch will be better for it.

In Faith,
XO. Heather

P.S. A way to hone your highly sensitive strength of Deep Listening is to center and activate your energy daily. I recommend this resource to support:

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