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August 02, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Being a highly sensitive or even an empath does not necessarily mean you’re kind.

Conscientious? Yes. That’s an HSE Strength.

Empathic? Yes. Another HSE Strength.

Kind? Well, that requires consistent consciousness about your HSE Shadows, specifically the HSE Shadows of Judgement of Others, Judgement of Self and Criticism of Self.

And when it comes to judgement and criticism, HSEs can be vicious.

Not publicly (typically), but the war that can rage in an HSEs head? You would not want to be caught in that cross-fire.

And how does this impact your business? It’s an internal firestorm of doubt, worry, indecisions and a torrent of lack. 

What’s the way through?


To yourself.

To others.


Not syrupy, fake, false, nicey-nice kindness.

Instead mature, direct, courageous, graceful kindness that has you using your words to speak the truth.

Even when it might have you looking at some things about yourself that are hard to see.

Even when it might not be the “popular opinion”.

Even when it’s not what the prospect or client “wants” to hear (but actually needs to hear).

Especially then.

Develop Core Practices that have you being kind to yourself and you’ll find how much easier it is to be courageously kind to others.

XO. Heather

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