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when I was six

March 20, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

When I was maybe about six or seven years old I was growing so fast (like any normal kid) that I needed a new pair of sneakers every six months or so. I always got blue sneakers with three white stripes on each side and white rubber soles. No name brand that I can remember (were name brands even invented before the 1980s?).

Not only did I love those sneakers, but I felt deeply connected to each pair of those sneakers. I remember feeling bad for them. I couldn’t wear them anymore because they didn’t fit, but they had been so good to me! We’d BEEN places together.

So, I kept them.

I had them all lined up in my room. About four pairs (as I can remember.) All blue. With their white stripes. In a row.

Those sneakers were not going anywhere.

In other words, I was attached.

I’d given deep meaning to those shoes. They couldn’t be thrown away. They had feelings! (Was I a highly sensitive kid or what?)

Until one day when my dad came along and said, “These sneakers have got to go.”

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!!”, I wailed.

To which he responded, “We’ll give them something new to do.”

And then, together, we took each of those sneakers and turned them into flowerpots. We put soil and a petunia in each shoe.

And lined them up in a row in their new home on the side porch.

I felt happy every time I looked at them, every time I watered them.

Until I didn’t and now I couldn’t even tell you what happened to each of those shoes… that’s where the memory ends.

Except, for the lesson I began to learn: that it is OK to let go…

That there is another way.

That even though I would have insisted that I needed each of those sneakers lined up together in my room in order to feel safe…

It wasn’t true at all.

And when I was willing to loosen my grip an even better option emerged.


And, so, it goes. In your business. In your life.

Where are you gripping? Where are you attached?

Where is it time to open up to you another way?

XO. Heather


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