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why I know you’re not alone – coaching for highly sensitive people

July 16, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Last week I led my first ever virtual Training Retreat with coaching for highly sensitive people from around the globe. It turned out to be so much more powerful than I ever could have intellectually anticipated and the reverberations are still being felt for members who attended.

One piece of feedback I keep hearing (along with that this was the best Training Retreat EVER – which says a lot since I’ve led close to 100 retreats during my 18 years of being self-employed) is how CONNECTED every member felt and how reassuring it was to know they were not alone in their experience of what is being asked of each of us as we rise to meet the challenges of these Exceptional Times.

So, I want to extend this knowing to you and invite you to enter into the energy that we activated as a Community of Highly Sensitive Leaders on the very first day.

You can choose to watch the included video, read along with the below transcript or simply close your eyes and allow the power of the collective energy to support you in answering the call of these times that you are meant to answer.

We will RISE UP to transcend these times – together.

In Faith,
XO. Heather 

Let’s take a moment and activate the energy of this training retreat, yes? Yes. Allow yourself to just come to a comfortable position. Take a moment to put down anything that might be in your hands. Pen, pencil, that beautiful Business Miracles printable journal, keyboards, mouse, Buddhas, anything else that you might have in your hands. Allow your hands to rest comfortably in your lap. Take a moment to roll your shoulders up to your ears and down your back, and then together, let’s close our eyes. Together, let’s take in a breath and let’s let it out. Together again, breath in, and let it out. One more time, power of three, breath in. Let it out. Allow your eyes to remain closed. Take a moment to roll your shoulders up to your ears and down your back one more time, really feeling that spine come into alignment. 

Now, imagine a string just gently tugging on the center-top of your head. See if you can allow your spine to expand just a little bit more. Stretching up to the heavens, reaching, opening that channel for the divine. Together again: breath in, and let it out. Now take a moment and place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your core center of self, that abdomen area. Take moment to really plant your feet firmly on the ground beneath you, maybe even wiggling your toes, rocking your heels and balls of your feet back and forward, side to side, until you can allow them to come to a comfortable, grounded, centered position. Feet grounded, hand on core, heart, spine aligned. Breath steady, strong. Eyes closed. Top of head, reaching for the heavens. Breath in and breath out. We come together here as a collective community of highly sensitive entrepreneurs and leaders. We are connecting in together from literally around the globe. For some of us, it’s early in the morning. For some of us, it’s late in the evening. For some of us, it’s tomorrow. Everything in between. 

Physically, in this moment, we are distant. Energetically, we are so connected. We take this moment to activate that energy like a web of light pinging and stretching around the globe. Creating this incredible network, not only those of us who are highly sensitive, but those of us who have been called to lead from our sensitive nature. In whatever way that’s meant to look for each and every one of us, whether that’s simply about how we go through each hour of each day, how we show up with our family and friends. How we show up within our professions, and our businesses. How we show up within the world, we are called to go beyond coping as a highly sensitive. We are called to tap deeply into the strengths that we hold uniquely because of the coding of our nervous system, to utilize those strengths, to bring something different to the world rather than try to hide away because of that difference.

Wherever you happen to be, physically, in the world right now, know that through this activation and through this amazing technological ability to connect over these next days together, we are weaving a strong, energetic web. Through the weaving of this energetic web, the vibration of the Earth literally will be changed. It doesn’t matter where we physically are, nothing will hold us back, hold us down, hold us in a place that’s about being small or victimized. Instead, through our connection over these days and over the weeks and months that will come as a result of our time together in this virtual training retreat, we will be buoyed. We will be empowered. We will rise up, collectively. As a result, our time here, in this moment, of this global pandemic, and our time here in each of the lives that we are so graced, and so blessed to live, our time here will have mattered. Breath in, and let it out.

Take a moment to bow your head. Allow your hands to gently float back down to your lap. Your eyes to slowly, and gently, come back on open.

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