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Worried? Do this instead

August 09, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

The counteract to worry is prayer – which is good news for us HSEs since one of our HSE Strengths is to be Spiritual by Nature.

But oh-how-often do you miss the opportunity to reach for this Strength exactly when you need it the most in your business.

Those moments at 3am when you are dancing with the devil of doubt in your mind, wondering if you can really make this business thing work; or when you are faced with the criticism from your spouse, parents, friends about this whole business pursuit and if it’s actually viable; or, of course, the moment you must face yourself as you prepare to walk into that networking event, give that presentation, guide that prospect through resistance …

I’ve been saying to myself for years (and simultaneously teaching the same to others), “you would not have been given the inspired idea if it wasn’t meant to be manifested”.

Every time I remember this truth, I am guided.

But following this truth requires the willingness to ASK for support over and over again and to be open to both trusting your own abilities AND receiving the right help from others.

Having the HSE Strength of Being Spiritual by Nature does not mean up-leveling in a vacuum.

Never. Ever.

One, that’s close to impossible unless you’ve already reached enlightenment and two, that vacuum belief is the HSE Shadow of Over-Protection and that’s a whole other post for a whole other day …

XO. Heather


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