Way back in the day – before I knew I was highly sensitive or even had an inkling of what my strengths were – I would find myself feeling very frustrated by what I now understand to be my Highly Sensitive Strength of being Visionary.

I could see so clearly what was needed for a person, project or situation to “succeed”.

In my excitement, I would barrel ahead with directing said person/project/situation and then get really frustrated when either; 

1. my enthusiasm would completely turn them off or shut them down OR

2. I would have to muster massive amounts of energy to drag them across the finish line to actually bring the vision to fruition.

What I’ve learned over the years is that my strengths are like a faucetI can choose how much to share and when.

When we’re not consciously working with our Highly Sensitive Strengths, it can be so easy to automatically fall into our shadow side of being highly sensitive, which Drains. Your. Energy.

Someone pushes a button or triggers us and we believe that we are required to react. 

That simply is NOT true. 

When you start to really do the “real work” of training your highly sensitive nervous system, your strengths can become just like a faucet. 

You get to choose when to turn it on.

You get to choose when to turn it off.

AND you get to choose to what degree you will use your strengths when you do turn it on. 

Is it a full-force faucet flow?

Or maybe there is only a little bit of a drip needed?

Being able to discern where and when to use your strengths – how much, how little, to what degree… or not, and with whom… or not – becomes MASSIVELY supportive in regard to conserving your energy.

And when we’re able to effectively conserve our energy, we get to, instead, channel it in the direction where we are going to be energetically and financially compensated for our strengths. 

All to support the greatest outcome for all involved. 


P.S. If you’re ready to learn how to effectively manage your nervous system so that you, too, can channel your strengths to create more impact and more income (with less effort!), I invite you to click here to connect with a Business Miracles Enrollment Coach who will help you find the Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program that is the best match for you.

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