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October 17, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Selling is the number one skill needed in order to be able to succeed as an entrepreneur – and this, of course, includes if you’re highly sensitive.

And – wow – is this the primary area that so many Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (HSEs) struggle with. They look at it, approach it, and then even talk about it like it’s the dark tomb filled with snakes from the movie Indiana Jones.

It’s why most HSEs under charge or don’t charge at all for their service and then wonder why they don’t have enough (or any) money.

When you’re in this “under charge or don’t charge at all” place then there’s no reason for you to need to avoid, hide, push through, take on energy that’s not yours or even get triggered by another person stuff. You’re “safe” (as in – false safe).

But selling is NOT a dark snake-pit tomb; it’s actually the gateway to heaven.

Selling is literally the portal door to your most profound healing as an HSE.

When you learn to approach an HSE Selling Conversation from your Royal Advisor role of, what I call, the Regal Queen and remember that the prospect on the other side of the conversation is you – your fear is their fear, your suffering is their suffering, your frustration is their frustration – then you’re able to shift into a space of compassion, service and your ultimate HSE Strengths.

From this place, there’s REALLY no reason to avoid, Hide, Push through, take on energy that’s not yours or even get triggered by another person’s stuff.


It’s just your heart, their heart, and the opportunity to guide another human being one step closer to freedom.

Oh, and having an outer process to follow that’s been designed for HSEs to use like the one I’ve developed and teach helps, too. 🙂

But, truly, if you don’t have the compassion, service and love the outer process won’t do you much good either.

XO. Heather

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