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June 12, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Inspirational Sunrise Highly Sensitive Leader

We no longer have the privilege of time on our side. All you need to do is look 2020 squarely in the eyes to see that a quickening has occurred and we are being called to RISE … to rise above seeing our highly sensitive leader nature as less than, to rise above waiting to be given permission and to rise above the wounds of our past.

To say once and for all,

“Yes, my way is different. Yes, I might be quieter than some. And, yes, I feel things deeply. Yet it is because of these ways that I’m meant to lead through these turbulent times and the world will be in a better place because of it. I’m no longer meant to or willing to take a back seat to those who are louder or bigger. I no longer believe—even unconsciously—that this means they are better. My time to lead from my highly sensitive strengths has come.”

You know you’re different, and that this difference is no longer something you’re meant to hide. Time to stop feeling confused and believing you need to fit in to the way it has always been done.

You know you’re intuitive, and that now this intuition is meant to be your primary guide. Time to stop pretending this is less valuable than logic.

You know you’re a deep feeler, and that these feelings are meant to inform you. Time to stop being overwhelmed by the emotions of others and instead use this as motivation to act.

You know you’re empathic, and that this is the new communication super power that the world needs to hear right now. Time to stop ignoring what you know must be said.

You know you’re a deep believer in justice, and this is the stand that must be taken. Time to stop taking the back seat.

The time for Highly Sensitive Leadership has come.

If you know you’re meant to join with others and dive into a deep training process to position yourself as the leader you’re meant to be in your work and life as a highly sensitive please visit and apply to join us.

In Faith,
XO. Heather 

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