Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur Training Kit:

No More Burnout

Leave the struggle behind and create balance and harmony to focus on what truly matters every day.

Time management and productivity hacks don’t work for highly sensitives. Since we process the world differently, we are meant to literally move through our days differently. As a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur® (HSE) you must become friends with time to create true work/life balance. Learn to prioritize your attention for aligned productivity – a skill that you must strengthen to be successful in business and life without burning out. This Training Kit includes:

  • 3 audio trainings with transcripts
  • 3 valuable tools to energetically and practically support you with focusing on what matters most
  • a transformation assignment with practical steps to create and maintain balance and harmony in your every day life
  • a $500 voucher for new members towards the Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program

* This training was created from Heather Dominick’s years of extensive research and experience mentoring close to thousands of Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and leaders since 2010. Includes a free subscription to weekly Business Miracles Inspiration Emails. If you are already subscribed to our weekly emails, your subscription will be paused briefly while receiving emails for this offer, and will resume once all related emails have been received. This is to avoid overwhelm and provide a strong container of support to focus on this powerful resource. We respect your privacy. Your information will never be shared or sold.

Heather Dominick wearing black jacket sitting on a chair

“the Business Miracles Weekly Plan has helped my life to fall into place WITH EASE!”

“All I can say is WOW! My biggest take away: “Having a simplified focus is much more effective than a never ending to do list. There is no reward for being busy except for burnout. The busyness factor has never worked, especially for us highly sensitives!” I relate to this SO MUCH! This was my life for so long, and I am blown away with how the Business Miracles Weekly Plan has helped my life to fall into place WITH EASE! LOVE THIS!!!!”


Highly Sensitive Leader and Teacher, Behavior Technician and Child Mindset Coach, Philadelphia