Leadership Training For the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur:

You Can  Be Successful in Business Without It Crushing You

Learn how to be successful in business as a highly sensitive with less effort, more impact, and more income.

Building a business that serves both your needs and your clients’ highest good is possible – but it doesn’t just happen, it’s created. Let’s explore together if the Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program is the right next step for you. You can be working less while making more – impact and income.

With Results Like These…

"2022 was the highest earning year of my professional life, with my earned gross income reaching six figures..."

“Celebrating that 2022 was the highest earning year of my professional life, with my earned gross income reaching six figures for the first time ever. I’m meeting & exceeding my dire need and THRIVING! Thank you to all of the support I am receiving in my Highly Sensitive Leadership Training PLUS Program.”

~ Sarah, Highly Sensitive Leader Fundraising Copywriter-Consultant, Texas

"At 70, I'm living my most genuine life…"

“When I joined the Business Miracles Community, I was over-responsible with my family, I lacked consistent income and had a hard time in my day-to-day life transitioning from summer to fall. Through my Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program, including private mentor calls with Heather, I have learned to ground my energy so I am no longer overwhelmed by family obligations or difficult conversations, access my strengths and lead boldly in all parts of my business and life, including taking on the leadership role of President in my BNI Chapter. Also, through Heather’s teaching of “entry/re-entry”, I now easily transition into new seasons without needing weeks to recover. I have created loving boundaries with my family and now enjoy a full practice. These are all aspects I never would have believed I’d be able to do so effectively just even 10 years ago.”

~ Susie, Highly Sensitive Leader and Women’s Empowerment Coach, New Jersey

"I have generated income in creative ways…"

“When I enrolled in A Course In Business Miracles, I felt alone and overwhelmed. I was running two businesses and substitute teaching. Even though I longed to be building a new business based on my passion for breath work, I was full of fear and had a hard time delegating, which contributed to my overwhelm. Through my commitment to consistency, I have generated income in creative ways while using the energy management tools to calm my nervous system. The Weekly Training Roundtable sessions have taught me how to work through my Highly Sensitive Shadows™ while feeling connected to an aligned community. I have used my creativity to help me move through resistance and am now marketing my business consistently. The use of daily energy management has helped transform my personal and business relationships and guided me each day with showing up as the best version of myself.”

~ Brian, Highly Sensitive Leader and Buteyko Breathing Practitioner, Ireland

It’s no wonder our members are raving about our powerful method for creating success in business with more ease and joy.

Creating and sustaining success in business can feel extremely overwhelming…

when you don’t know how to manage your nervous system and are trying to operate like the other 80% of the population who are not highly sensitive. You’ll constantly find yourself in shadow states like having strong emotional reactions, doing too much for others, and over-protecting yourself and others, which triggers one of three Highly Sensitive Coping Mechanisms™:

The 3 Highly Sensitive Coping Mechanisms

  • 9PUSHING – you’ll get done what a non-highly sensitive (the other 80%) can get done, but it will come at a high cost. Usually in the form of health or relationship crisis.
  • 9HIDING – you do whatever you can to try to avoid actually needing to engage vulnerably with the world, e.g. you have the most beautiful marketing materials but no clients to show for it.
  • 9COMBO-PLATTERING – you vacillate between pushing and hiding or as I like to say, you’re the walking definition of highly sensitive insanity.

Deep down, you know there must be another way.

Yes, you can have both success and experience more ease and joy in your business, but it will only happen when you learn how to be comfortable in your own highly sensitive skin and build resilience through leading from your highly sensitive strengths. It means stepping up as a Highly Sensitive Leader® in your business and life, which starts with learning how to be in charge of YOURSELF first, then learning how to be in charge of your PURPOSE second.

The Top 3 Highly Sensitive Strengths™

How do you learn to be in charge of yourself and your purpose? You do this by re-training your nervous system to respond from what I’ve identified as your top 12 highly sensitive strengths, such as:

  • 9INTUITION - the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
  • 9EMPATHY - the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
  • 9CREATIVITY - the use of the imagination or original ideas.

When you are working and living from your highly sensitive strengths, you will be able to shift from coping to creating with ease.

You will have access to a new level of ability to focus, allowing you to create more in less time with a lot more joy. You will have the ability to more easily create marketing that makes you money without trying to be someone you’re not, and you will gain an increased respect within all of your relationships including prospects, clients and team, and in turn expanding your impact in the world in more powerful ways.

So how do you make that shift from coping to creating?

You’ve spent so long trying to do it the 80%er way that there is a voice inside you that is telling you that if you just try a little harder or just take this new course you’ll finally be able to do what others do with ease – but it never will.

What you need, is to learn how to do it differently.

You don’t need to “just try harder”, or to take another course – you need community, core practice, and consistency. You need to re-train your nervous system, learn to see your natural magnitude and brilliance, and let your in-born strengths take the lead, and because growth happens at an accelerated rate in aligned community, you also need a safe space to do this with others just like you.


Get the right support to help you build resilience, create a sense of power through togetherness, and find motivation through meaning – so you can succeed in life and business as a highly sensitive.


The Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program for Entrepreneurs

A 12-month program dedicated to you and your success.

highly sensitive leadership training mentoring and coaching for the highly sensitive entrepreneur

It’s not like other training programs…

that give you access to a bunch of content and then leave you to figure it out all on your own and do all the heavy lifting yourself. Our one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial and leadership training gives you tried and tested tools, teachings and trainings to support you in developing your own, individual core-practices so you’re consistently able to be in command of your emotions while also engaging creatively in outer actions to market, sell and lead from your highly sensitive strengths.

All while being supported by a coach team, a heart-led mentor who really, truly “gets you”, and held in an aligned community of fellow Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and Leaders who earnestly, vulnerably and generously share with you, mastermind with you and offer you support so you can be out in the world answering your calling while being well-compensated in return.

Build Resilience

Stop getting taken out by your coping mechanism.
  • Curated leadership training curriculum tailored to you
  • Tools and trainings designed specifically for HSPs to create financial success in business
  • Weekly live trainings with roundtables created to specifically address what is happening within the community and in the world.

Create Togetherness

Never feel like you’re walking alone again.
  • Become part of a community that offers you a deep sense of belonging
  • Receive 1:1 coaching, mentoring, accountability, and community support from people who just “get” you.

Find Meaning

Discover true fulfilment in your business and Life.

Learn a powerful proprietary intuitive process to:

  • set and plan goals
  • engage in projects
  • develop habits, and
  • shape mindsets that fill you up with a sense of purpose each day.

When you step into the Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program you become part of something bigger than yourself – you join the highly sensitive leadership revolution and shape the future of the world by learning to lead from your highly sensitive strengths.

Live In-Person Training Event


Highly Sensitive Leader and Naturopathic Doctor, Hawaii

“I learned how to do the “real work”…”

“I longed to open my own naturopathic clinic, yet I had limiting beliefs about myself and my business and was in a professional relationship with a misaligned partner. Through the teaching and coaching that I received in A Course In Business Miracles, I learned how to do the “real work” that allowed me to create my own naturopathic business, sign a lease and now make more money.

Hello! I'm Heather Dominick, the founder of businessmiracles.com and creator of The Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Programs.

Since 2010, I’ve been training highly sensitive entrepreneurs and leaders to do things differently by working less, making more of a social impact and a higher income.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from being highly sensitive and a person who has experienced an immense amount of loss - including the the death of my mother when I was 14, and starting my business in the midst of personal bankruptcy in 2003 - to being the consistent steward of a 7-figure mission, and poured it into the comprehensive design of the Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program for Entrepreneurs so you have everything you need to learn how to excel in your business and life.

Ready to move out of nervous system overwhelm to make more impact and income – with less effort?

As humans, highly sensitive or not, we are creatures of habit made up of past patterns and self-made stories that become ingrained neural pathways shaping our experience. It takes what I call, “doing the real work” to change the story and master having your nervous system work for you rather than against you.

That’s exactly what the Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program is designed to teach you.

The Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program IS  for you if:

  • RYou have a high level of willingness and a deep desire to change the story you’ve been living up until now of secretly and shamefully feeling like there’s something wrong with you, that you’ll never be enough or able to have the business and life success you want without it killing you.
  • RYou're ready to create "true change" with how you function as a highly sensitive so you're truly able to create more income and impact with a lot less effort.
  • RIf you are using this leadership training to grow your business, you have been in business for 1-3 years, have a base knowledge of marketing and are now ready to learn how to market and sell more effectively from your highly sensitive strengths.

If this is you, then let’s connect to explore how The Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program can support you.

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3. Get scheduled with either myself or a very capable and uniquely trained-by-me member of the coach team.

4. Attend your call and have one of the most eye-opening conversations you’ve ever had - without any attachment to the outcome - just a chance for us to connect and get to know each other.

5. Schedule a 2nd call if after the 1st call we both feel it makes sense to explore Highly Sensitive Leadership Training further.

This is a very special and unique process designed specifically for how the Highly Sensitive nervous system operates. It is all my gift to you because it’s important that we ensure the training program is a match for you and that you’re a match for the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and Leaders in the Business Miracles Community.

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Highly Sensitive Leader and Social Impact Entrepreneur, Philadelphia

“Having someone identify something that I didn’t want to admit or that I was resisting was powerful, this happened in the clarity call…”

”…this was one of the things that made me feel seen. Someone bringing up something that wasn’t helping me, that was getting in my way.”