January 2, 2024

Setting New Year Intentions the HSP Way to Experience New Levels of Success

by Heather Dominick |
Wisdom |
Recently, I answered a touchy question from a Business Miracles member on our HSP in business and leadership forum and thought you would appreciate seeing what I said.

Mis-Matched Mentoring for HSPs is All Too Common

Here’s what she asked: “I had some free time last night so I found myself poking around on Facebook and listening to a couple other mentors/business coaches that my friends work with…what I found most shocking is how these mentors preached abundance and expansion YET used lack and scarcity in their marketing like talking incessantly about inflation, lay-offs, a looming recession, not having enough time to be with their children, and a lot of pushing to make things happen. All of this to share:

1. I’m so grateful I work with you Heather

2. I feel bad (from my HSP Strengths) for the people who don’t know they’re an HSP in business and get activated by other people’s lack

3. I’m so grateful I’ve been working with you Heather for YEARS and to see how far I’ve come.

4. Eventually, if I feel called to have children, I don’t want to work all hours of the night to prepare for my infomercial. Nor do I really want to sell my services in an infomercial. Nor do I want to WORK at the beachfront house. I would want to be ON THE BEACH enjoying myself.

5. Mis-matched mentors really suck and I’m grateful I don’t have one.

6. Heather, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the recession. Just words of wisdom because I’m sure you have some”

Here’s what I told her: “So appreciate all of this and your ability to discern in the midst of what sounds like some very heavy fear-based thinking and marketing. As for the recession I refuse to participate in that “reality” and these words mean nothing to me. Supposedly when our country had a lot of money I had none and supposedly when our country had no money I had more than I’d ever had. So this shows me it’s an individual experience and what we each choose to live, breathe, be at any moment in any time. I create my reality. The media does not create my reality. And especially fear-based marketing within the coaching industry on social media does not create my reality. And I refuse to invest my time and energy in these places. I know the work that I do is strong, needed, and world changing, that’s where I choose to put my focus. XO.”

Her response: “I love you Heather 🙂 saving this one. and I desire to be so strongly rooted about my work as you are about yours.” <3

What I told her next: “That’s the real work, for sure, that’s the real work … Stay with it. Only continued richness will come from all of this as you do.”

We Are Meant to Do Things Differently

I wanted to share this because it speaks so well to how as HSPs in business and leadership we’re meant to do things differently.

And as we enter into this new year with intent, the willingness to show up differently in your business and leadership is really the only way for us HSPs to create solid, sustainable financial success.

And…most importantly, have the positive impact we’re meant to have.

AND… this particular Business Miracles member is a 6-figure+ HSP in business. She has held strong and steady through these exceptional times and will continue to do so regardless of what the unpredictability of 2024 holds.

This is why as part of my own commitment to ensuring you have the support you need to thrive as an HSP in business and leadership I’m gifting all January 2024 enrollments into the Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Programs a very special up to $2400 New Year 2024 tuition discount.

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Setting Intentions the HSP Way

As you begin the new year, start the practice of doing things differently by watching the training clip below and setting your intentions the HSP way so you can “Stay with it” and truly create what you desire in your business and life this year.

Training Clip

Transformation Assignment


If you haven’t already, reflect on what you just heard me share in the training clip and:

1. Write down your inner intention. My invitation is one word of how you want to feel. Let your intuition give you that word, no analysis paralysis needed.

2. Place your hand on your heart, and based on what you just heard me share in the training clip, what is your outer intention? A one-sentence umbrella that encompasses it all. Again, let your intuition lead. Write that outer intention down.

3. Notice for yourself, can the setting of your intentions be filled with trust and ease, while also being conscious, connected and in a space of creation?

4. Reflect on which Highly Sensitive Shadow would be the most likely one to take you off course from your intention, aim or plan this coming year – common shadows to consider here are people pleasing, overprotection and over responsibility.

Next Inspired Action

Based on your answers above and your power of choice through divine free will, what is one next inspired action you could take to “stay with it” for the long game. Do you need to:

  • use your Highly Sensitive Strength of creativity to paint your inner intention on a large canvas and hang it somewhere where you will see it every day
  • create boundaries and have a difficult conversation about these boundaries with others to support yourself from getting taken out by people pleasing
  • enroll in a mentoring program like The Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program to receive support

Recommended Resources

Resources mentioned in this blog post and other helpful materials:

Struggling with business and leadership overwhelm?

Reaching your business goals with ease, inspiration and calm takes consistent choice/action to shift from awareness, to understanding, and into knowing (what I call the AUK Transformation Process) – and it very rarely happens without accountability and support. Many other HSP entrepreneurs just like you are working to manage overwhelm, burnout, and other day-to-day challenges with business operations and marketing as a highly sensitive entrepreneur.

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