Ready for True Transformation?

You can succeed in business as a Highly Sensitive

Move out of nervous system overwhelm to make more impact and income – with less effort.

As humans, highly sensitive or not, we are creatures of habit made up of past patterns and self-made stories that become ingrained neural pathways shaping our experience. It takes what I call, “doing the real work” to change the story and master having your nervous system work for you rather than against you so you take business actions for easily, creatively and successfully. That’s exactly what the Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program is designed to teach you.

Here’s What A Clarity Call With Us Looks Like:

1. Fill out the form (approx. 15 minutes) - most likely, just completing this form alone will give you some valuable clarity.

2. Next, you’ll hear from our member care team to support you with scheduling your 1:1 connection with a Business Miracles Enrollment Coach.

3. Get scheduled with either myself or a very capable and uniquely trained-by-me member of the coach team.

4. Attend your call and have one of the most eye-opening conversations you’ve ever had - without any attachment to the outcome - just a chance for us to connect and get to know each other.

5. Schedule a 2nd call if after the 1st call we both feel it makes sense to explore Highly Sensitive Leadership Training further.

This is a very special and unique process designed specifically for how the Highly Sensitive nervous system operates. It is all my gift to you because it’s important that we ensure the training program is a match for you and that you’re a match for the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and Leaders in the Business Miracles Community.

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Highly Sensitive Leader and Social Impact Entrepreneur, Philadelphia

“Having someone identify something that I didn’t want to admit or that I was resisting was powerful, this happened in the clarity call…”

”…this was one of the things that made me feel seen. Someone bringing up something that wasn’t helping me, that was getting in my way.”