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Sharing stories, research, wisdom, and more on how highly sensitive people can do things differently.

In this sacred space I share what it really takes to truly operate from your Highly Sensitive Strengths™ in your business through my own journey of being self-employed for 20 years and mentoring Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and Leaders for over 13 years. Come join me as I show you how to work less while making more – of an impact and income – by being willing to see and do things differently; a Business Miracle.

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How to Thrive in Business as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur

Being in business as a highly sensitive person (HSP) or highly sensitive entrepreneur (HSE) comes with its unique set of strengths and challenges. While sensitivity can sometimes be perceived as a disadvantage in the business world, understanding and embracing your highly sensitive nature can actually be a powerful asset for creating success.

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