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ONLY for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (client attraction secret)

February 19, 2018  |  Posted by Heather Dominick  |  Add A Comment

How to best connect with ideal prospects as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur really depends on which HSE Coping Mechanism you tend to gravitate toward …

If you’re a Pusher than it’s important for you to remember you’re not meant to make your HSE Financial Success happen on your own. You want to invoke Divine Order (or whatever language works best for you) every day by saying, “The perfect prospects are already selected. Each one is arriving in the exact right way at the exact right time. Thank you and thank you!”

If you’re a Hider it’s important for you to remember that the Universe is expecting you to do your part each and every day by taking physical action. So, you want to invoke Divine Order by saying, “The perfect prospects are already selected and on their way to me. Give me the thoughts to think, the words to speak and the actions to take in order to do my part to connect with each and everyone of them. Thank you and thank you!”

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this is NOT the answer

February 16, 2018  |  Posted by Heather Dominick  |  Add A Comment

It’s incredible how many Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (HSEs) are convinced that their business would be more successful if they just had more information.

I guess it’s also why so many HSEs get hood-winked by the information marketers who pose as “Coaching Programs”.

And I know this so well because I was once a member of the hood-winked club myself.

I had all the binders and CDs (yes, back in the day when I started my business info marketers delivered their goods via binders and CDs. The days before digital downloads. That’s how long I’ve been at this self-employed thing!) with all the information that was going to make me all this money.

Except it didn’t.

Well, it made me a wee little sum.

However, that’s only because I started making my own binders and my own CDs and delivering my own version of regurgitated information (since I fell into the trap of believing that’s what a coaching business was) until suddenly I realized two really important factors:

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Is this possible?

February 14, 2018  |  Posted by Heather Dominick  |  Add A Comment

As a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSE) you possess skills and traits that are fused with your HSE Strengths of Intuition, Empathy, Deep Feeling … but did you know you have the power to connect with animals?

I mean genuine communication; a conversation in which your animals share their thoughts, feelings, concerns, issues, and lots more…

I want to introduce you to one of my most respected colleagues and my friend, Anna Twinney, the Founder of Reach Out to Horses, a deeply talented Natural Horsewoman and Animal Communicator. I’ve had the opportunity to not only witness Anna in action, but to train with her and her skills are beyond amazing.

She has created a year-long course in Animal Communication, so big and so complete that she is calling it the Ultimate Animal Communication Mentorship Program. And Ultimate it is. Inside the program is more than 100 hours of live video webinars, lectures, audios, hands-on exercises, guidance, and support. She will teach you how to become an effective, verifiable, communicator. Click here to see what the program is all about. … Read More about Is this possible?

24 The Power of the Re-Entry Process As A Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur

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Re-entry/Transition on Business Miracles

Have you been falling back into your regular coping mechanisms? Are you suffering from overwhelm?

Welcome to episode 24 of A Course In Business Miracles! In this episode, you will learn a powerful process I typically only teach at my in person training retreats. It’s a powerful process that let’s you navigate being out in the world without being overwhelmed. Listen in to learn about why we need to prepare for our points of re-entry and transition and how we can do it best.

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Business Miracles on Apple Podcasts

When you are in your coping mechanism, you have not only lost yourself, you have abandoned yourself.” – Heather Dominick

Show Notes:

  • What they keys of re-entry are and why it’s important for HSE’s
  • How we often lose ourselves in trying to please other people
  • What you need to know about yourself before you can escape your coping mechanisms
  • What are common points of re-entry
  • How to know when you need a re-entry point in your day
  • Ways that HSE’s can change small things to make a big difference in transitions
  • Why investing more time and energy elsewhere can give you more energy at times of transition
  • Who is responsible for making your re-entry and transitions easier

Part of knowing who you are is knowing what you need.” – Heather Dominick

you actually can do this

February 12, 2018  |  Posted by Heather Dominick  |  Add A Comment

Travel can be a real deterrent for a lot of Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (HSEs). I mean, really, if our nervous systems are wired for over-stimulation an airport is pretty much guaranteed to set your system off. UNLESS …

Unless you are ready to stop living your life as one big HSE Shadow of Over-Protection and making decisions based only on what is most comfortable and instead stepping into co-creating your life (which includes your business, of course) with the Divine.

And THEN travel is a great practice place for all of this!

First, you want to start by sending divine energy AHEAD of you to support your travel, rather than just bracing against the onslaught of energy you’re expecting from travel and you can do this by using one of my most powerful energy management tools, The Order Form To The Universe. (You can get a free copy of this tool by clicking here: www.businessmiraclesOFTU.comRead More about you actually can do this

secret teachings for you

February 09, 2018  |  Posted by Heather Dominick  |  Add A Comment

As a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur, I get it – it can seem hard to find highly targeted clients, attract them to your work and convert them into paying clients.

That’s why I was thrilled when my friends Ahana Lara and Daniel Nilon told me that they were hosting the CLIENT ATTRACTION SUMMIT 2018, an Online Masterclass series that brings together 21 amazing entrepreneurs to share their best client attraction teachings with you – myself included. 🙂

You can register for your complimentary ticket here.

In addition to the Masterclasses, you’ll also get access to thousands of dollars in courses and coaching that you can only access through this Masterclass series – For Free! – which is a great perk!

See you there. 🙂

XO. Heather

can the common cold destroy your business?

February 05, 2018  |  Posted by Heather Dominick  |  Add A Comment

As Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (HSEs) we can sometimes find ourselves at the extreme ends of the spectrum of both our Shadows and our Strengths.

For instance, take the common cold…

I’ve known many an HSE (myself FOR SURE included) immediately upon a sneeze or a sniffle insist this is a sign from the Universe that they aren’t meant to be successful in their business (the HSE Strength of Being Spiritual By Nature majorly out of whack) / or swing to the other side of the spectrum and with one cough declare that it’s all too much to handle (massive trigger into the HSE Shadow of Overwhelm).

But as Medical Intuitive, Author and Healer, Carolyn Myss says, “Sometimes you just caught a virus.”

It’s important as highly sensitives to remember that though our nervous system is wired differently than the other 80%, we’re still human.

And humans get things like colds.

And then they rest.

And then they get better.

And then – it’s back to business.

And that’s IT.

XO. Heather

what happened when I started my business

February 02, 2018  |  Posted by Heather Dominick  |  Add A Comment

The moment I hear a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur tell me they can’t start or grow their business because of the state of the/their world right now, I remember the state the world was in when I started mine.

Here’ just a few snippets from that time:

• Three years earlier was THE 9-11, just one mile from home at the time.

• Two years earlier I had declared personal bankruptcy

• Two year later the world recession hit

So, how did I even start let alone continue to grow my business through all of that and even more?

I chose not to join the world-culture conversation.

Since I’d always felt like an outsider anyway I figured whatever was happening didn’t have much to do with me.

When the rest of the world was rolling in dough of the era I was as poor as a church mouse (which let’s have a conversation about the meaning of that phrase, at some point).

So, what should the world have to do with me now?

I kept my focus on being of service, mastering my thoughts and energy and being detached from what it was all meant to look like.

And it’s that “formula” that’s served me ever since.

XO. Heather

23 How to Have Resilience as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur

January 31, 2018  |  Posted by Heather Dominick  |  Add A Comment


Welcome to today’s episode of A Course In Business Miracles, How to Have Resilience as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur. Our Highly Sensitive nature is our greatest strength, but can often be stopped by our “I am” identities, and lack of “effective flexibility”. By learning how to be more resilient, we HSE’s can develop our businesses and stop ourselves from getting in our own way. Listen in to learn the important connection between being a highly sensitive entrepreneur and how to be resilient.

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Business Miracles on Apple Podcasts

Any of your HSE difficulties are not because of how you are highly sensitive. It’s because of how you respond to being highly sensitive.” – Heather Dominick

Show Notes:

  • What being highly sensitive doesn’t mean and why it won’t stop you
  • How you should be using your highly sensitive nature
  • Why Heather doesn’t question whether she’s learning “correctly”
  • What “I am” identities can do to us and our spiritual well-being
  • What is “effective flexibility” and how we can access it
  • How we end up keeping ourselves from finding the answers we have been looking for
  • How the “I am” identities can be used as an asset

We can hold on to and cling to those ‘I am’ identities because we are desperate for belonging.” – Heather Dominick

this is what you need

January 29, 2018  |  Posted by Heather Dominick  |  Add A Comment

At the crux of my teachings is the definition of a miracle according to the spiritual and psychological curriculum of A Course In Miracles: “A miracle is a shift in perception.”

This is absolutely what’s needed for a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur to create financial success.

As a HSE you must first be willing to see yourself differently; rather than a person who is “not enough” because of your sensitive nature, to instead seeing yourself as a person who is equipped with unique qualities, Super Powers and HSE Strengths that have you coded to be a successful Coach, Healer or Creative Entrepreneur.

Then you must also be willing to see your business differently; rather than this chamber of torture consisting of things that don’t work how and when you want them to, to instead seeing all aspects of your business as a portal for healing giving you the opportunity to face your HSE Shadows, triumph and grow.

And, finally, this means EVERY aspect of your business must be seen and done differently: marketing, selling, operations – all of it.

It’s truly the only way to HSE Financial Success. Anything else has you wrangling yourself to try to be someone you’re not which is the exact opposite of a Business Miracle.

XO. Heather