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January 16, 2024

Weekly Planning the HSP Way to Actualize Your New Year Intentions

by Heather Dominick |
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Your weekly plan is your intention in motion, and it is how you maintain the energy of your intentions throughout a 12 month timeframe versus the process of empty resolution declaration.

The Power of Intention to Become a High Functioning Highly Sensitive

According to Dr. Elaine Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person, there are “low functioning” and “high functioning” highly sensitives. And where you fall depends on how you were raised.

However, neuroscience has also shown us in the last 20 years of research that you are NEVER “too old” to learn new tricks. As stated in Science Daily, the brain’s structure is not static; it changes with acquiring new knowledge. Which means the more we learn, the more electrical connections are generated in our brains. So, as I like to say, core-practice and consistency are two out of the three success pillars for HSPs in business and leadership when it comes to training your nervous system to respond in a way that works for you, rather than against you. The more you do something the more established that neural pathway becomes in the brain.

This is why such a core part of my work for HSPs in business and leadership is about learning to re-parent yourself by working with the power of intention.

Using Intention to Break Patterns and Create Inner and Outer Results

Webster dictionary lists the definition of intention as, “a thing intended; an aim or plan, the healing process of a wound”.  It’s your intentions backed by the power of free will action that creates outer results. 

So, yes, I teach the “outer workings” of business: marketing, selling, and operations. But giving attention to the “inner workings” is just as important if not more so for us HSPs because we must be “high functioning” in order to create solid, sustainable financial success. It’s this success that then allows us to show up and contribute to the positive change the world very much needs right now.

And it’s 100% possible for you to learn as an HSP.

If you don’t engage in this type of re-training you’re setting yourself up for repeated patterns from your past and a lot of frustration, disappointment, misplaced anger and lack of the outer results you want to be seeing. Because as highly sensitives when we have a nervous system that’s untrained, then our business and life can feel like it’s not our own. That we are like a puppet being tossed around by various changes and experiences of loss.

Back Your Weekly Planning with Your Intention

Personally, I’ve had moments since 2020 where it just feels like a pummeling of consistent change. If I take the reactive approach, I will be a highly sensitive puddle. Versus if I take a proactive response to change, then I’m becoming a master at both feeling the feelings that come with change and loss while also simultaneously recognizing the business leadership opportunity for innovation and creation.

How I’m able to do this, and then, therefore, you are, too, is by using the power of intention to back your weekly business and leadership planning. This changes the energy of the actions you’re taking to move your business and leadership to the next level one week at a time. It’s how you are then able to get more done with less effort as an HSP in the face of consistent change and lack of predictability.

There’s no reward for being over busy, except burnout. The old century definition of success, “the busier you are, the more successful you are” – those days are over and never worked for us as HSPs anyway.

Get Support with Implementing Your Intentions

Successful implementation doesn’t need to be hard, it just needs to be intentional. It isn’t either I’m making outer results happen or I’m tending to my HSP soul – it’s a power-combination of both/and.

And, again, it’s 100% possible for you as an HSP to learn.

This is the exact mentoring I’ve been doing for over a decade now. As part of my own commitment to ensuring you have both the inner and outer support you need to thrive as an HSP in business and leadership I’m gifting all January 2024 enrollments into The Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Programs a very special up to $2400 New Year 2024 tuition discount.

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How to Weekly Plan to Actualize Your Intentions

Your weekly plan is your intention in motion and is what will support you in actualizing those intentions.

Watch the training clip below to begin working with your new year intentions in a weekly timeframe to bring about true change as a highly sensitive in business and leadership. If you haven’t yet set your intentions for the year, learn how to set new year intentions the HSP way here.

Transformation Assignment


Reflect on where a disconnect might be happening between your intentions that you set and the way that you’re actually using your energy throughout the week? (ex. If your inner intention is “Calm”, how might your weekly plan not be supporting this inner intention? Are you unconsciously creating a weekly plan that is expecting too much from yourself and then therefore causing you unnecessary stress and overwhelm?)

Next Steps

Based on your answer above, what is one thing you can do instead to support yourself in consciously chosing how to use your attention and your energy to actualize your intention? (ex. Based on the above example the inner intention of “Calm”, could you set only 1 primary action for each day? Or find ways to either delete or delegate some tasks?)

Recommended Resources

Resources mentioned in this blog post and other helpful materials:

Struggling with business and leadership overwhelm?

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