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Gift Alert – 48% OFF

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To celebrate “30 Days Until My Birthday” I’m inviting you toenroll in the Business Miracles 6-Month Mentoring Program for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (HSEs) at 48% OFF the tuition!

We are opening only 8 SPOTSat this awesome tuition savings – all because I’m turning 48!

This is only available until Friday, 3/22/19 – 12:48 AM, EASTERN.

You can enroll and see all of the program details by clicking here (including the program successes of so many HSEs, just like you).

Happy Surprise to you! Happy “30 Days Until Turning 48” to me!

And, most important, here’s to you having everything you need to create Business Miracles for yourself as an HSE…

XO. Heather

P.S. I’m so grateful for our connection and it is super fun for me to share my birthday energy with you. 🙂

What Breaks My HSE Heart

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when I was a high school teacher (surprise inside)

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Back in the day working as a high school drama teacher I had atradition of counting down 30 days until my birthday on the blackboard (yes, we used actual chalk in the days when I taught in a traditional classroom!)

There in the upper right-hand corner blocked by a chalk drawn border it said, “30 Days Until Ms. Dominick’s Birthday!” and then “29 Days Until Ms. Dominick’s Birthday!”; you get the picture …


1) I figured if I was going to be working on my birthday best that everyone knew about it so it could be a full-out, fun celebration.

2) This was a light way for me to guide the young people I taught through experiencing that there were other human beings outside of themselves (was I a highly sensitive teacher or what?).

3) It was important to me to create a holistic learning environment within a system that tended to often be rigid and over-structured.

All to say, these are values I still hold today as a person who’s been self-employed for the past 15 years as well as Founder and Leader of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur® Movement since 2010.



XO. Heather

52 Shifting Out of Your HSE Shadows

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HSE Shadows on Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

We all have habitual ways of behaving when we are triggered. When this behavior works against you, you are in your HSE Shadows. So, how do you shift an HSE Shadow? You learn to shine the light on what is meant to change.

Welcome to episode 52 of A Course in Business Miracles, Shifting Out of Your HSE Shadows. Listen in to learn how to first identify the HSE Shadows that are working against you in your business, and then how to shift back into your HSE Strengths so that your business and everyone you serve are able to benefit.

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Business Miracles on Apple Podcasts

We refer to them as shadows because it can become very easy to ignore that these traits are active and operating in our lives and businesses.” – Heather Dominick

Show Notes:

  • The insidious nature of our HSE Shadows
  • How we handle our HSE Shadows on good and bad days
  • The two primary coping mechanisms and how they play into our handling of our shadows
  • What causes these deeply rooted coping mechanisms of HSE’s
  • How to manage your HSE Shadows and become more aware of them in your life and your business
  • Why you should learn to trust how you feel as an indicator of an HSE Shadow needing to be addressed
  • How to become proactive in your working past your HSE Shadows
  • The importance of being willing to take action anyway
  • What “the myth of arrival” is and why we need to avoid it

It is time to become conscious, and one of the most effective ways we can do that as Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs is to manage our shadows.” – Heather Dominick

Links Mentioned:

When we turn inward, then we begin to recognize our HSE Shadows because of how we feel.” – Heather Dominick

this is scary

March 08, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick  |  0 Comment

Being self-employed is downright scary and anyone who tells you it isn’t is either:

A) lying or  
B) of the other 80% who get a thrill out of major life risk-taking.

It’s scary because it tosses right in your face all the things you’re able to hide from when you work for someone else.

Things like:

– needing to market your business (Vulnerability) 
– selling your services (Self-Worth) 
– massive organization (Self-Discipline) 
– scheduling and planning (Self-Value) 
– the will to keep going (Deep Belief and Trust)

Bottom-line: if you want to fast-track personal growth – start a business.

And that’s the jiggy, isn’t it? … Read More about this is scary

you might cry [Podcast Interviews]

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I get asked all the time, “What is it REALLY like to be a high-level Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSE)?” Well, now you can know!

Listen in to the below Podcast Interviews I was recently featured on where I share it all. 😉 

Hit ‘Reply’ to this email and let me know what you thought of these interviews and the Business Miracles you received! I’d love to hear.

XO. Heather

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Stitcher Radio
TuneIN Radio 

this is tricky

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Giving-Receiving-Receiving-Giving … it all tends to be tricky for us HSEs … Our hearts guide us to be generous and then we can tend to over-give and feel resentful or get afraid that we will be taken advantage of or hold back because “Why does everyone always need something from me all of the time?”…

Or give, give, give until there’s literally nothing left for ourselves and“No, really, you don’t need to pay me.” or “Gosh! No! Don’t buy me lunch!”or “I can’t accept that gift, it’s too much.” …

On and on; back and forth…


And ultimately it all comes down to you and your ability to use your HSE Strength of Intuition partnered with discernment to learn how to truly give when you feel called to WITHOUT ATTACHMENT and to receive graciously and abundantly every time it (whatever “it” might be in each moment) is offered.

This is how your highly sensitive self-esteem is bolstered and your finances begin to flow.

The Divine will always provide for you, but you must do your part by opening up to say, YES.

YES, I am genuinely happy to give this to you.

YES, I am genuinely happy to receive this from you.

Oh, and, YES, I will do my part to ASK for what I need when I need it and with full personal responsibility make a next choice and then take a next action whether I receive directly from each action or not.


XO. Heather

51 HSE Feature with Brianna Sylver, founder of Sylver Consulting

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Brianna Sylver on Business Miracles

Welcome to this Business Miracles HSE Feature Episode. I am just really, really thrilled to be featuring Brianna Sylver as a member of the Business Miracles Community and as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur.

Brianna, aside from being a valued member of the Business Miracles Community, is the founder and president of Sylver Consulting, an international innovation research and strategy firm operating at the intersection of Market Research, User Experience/Design, and Strategy. Brianna and the team at Sylver support Fortune 500 organizations to lead the transformation of their brands, products and organizations by providing clarity and focus to the next steps of their growth.

Brianna has gained recognition for her contributions to the fields of innovation, Design Thinking, UX and consumer insights by the Product Development & Management Association (PDMA), HSM Management (Brazil) and the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA). She writes and speaks on topics such as the integration of UX and MR, innovation culture and transformation, blended hybrid research methodologies and entrepreneurship.

Listen in as I talk with Brianna who intimately shares how in just 4 years, went from being a 7-figure train wreck waiting to happen, to now being more grounded and connected to what she wants and able to do it in a way that’s truly scalable, systemic and has the foundational infrastructure to support continued, sustainable HSE Financial Success and freedom that she did not have before.

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Business Miracles on Apple Podcasts

I had achieved the highest level of income that I have had to date in my business, but in that process, I was completely exhausted. Even more, I was not feeling like I was showing up in any of the roles in a way that I truly wanted to.” – Brianna Sylver

Show Notes:

  • Brianna’s three pillars of service to help her clients and their businesses
  • What drew Brianna to Heather and her teaching
  • The two biggest things that Brianna learned from A Course In Business Miracles
  • Why Brianna’s parents thought she was “a train wreck waiting to happen”
  • What parts of the Business Miracles teachings have been most impactful in Brianna’s life
  • The diamond plan’s effect on Brianna, and how it totally changed how she planned for her business
  • Brianna’s advice for people who are being held back in their business by doubt

Now I feel like I’m grounded and connected, but more importantly, I’ve got the foundational infrastructure to really support scaling to that growth and beyond in ways that I did not have before.” – Brianna Sylver

Links Mentioned:

The diamond plan really allows your intuition to shine.” – Brianna Sylver

freaked out!

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So many Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (HSEs) get freaked out about networking events, fearing the overwhelm, while truly, as HSEs, we are coded to have networking really work for us.

When we do it OUR way, not the 80%er way.

So, let me ask you this, have you ever been at a party or maybe just at the supermarket or say on the subway (for any other HSEs who happen to live in a city like I do) and suddenly a stranger is telling you their deepest, darkest secrets?

Me, too!!

This is what I call, “The Stranger Incident”. Non-highly sensitives can smell you a mile away. Energetically they can tell you’re a Deep Listener. … Read More about freaked out!

Release the Impact of Someone Else’s Negative Energy

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I’m excited to share with you my latest ACTIVATION VIDEO about Releasing the Impact of Someone Else’s Negative Energy! It’s short, but POWERFUL. You can find it—and more—on my YouTube Channel. Just click below to watch the video:

I’ve created these videos because as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSE) you are literally coded to be a successful coach, healing practitioner, or creative entrepreneur. Everything the world needs right now.

And, yet, because of the tendency for HSEs to lean toward our Shadows rather than our Strengths we need to constantly be engaging in the Core Practice of shifting our perceptions about who we are and what we are capable of creating. According to A Course In Miracles, this IS the definition of a miracle.

That’s what this ACTIVATION VIDEO is designed to actualize for you, a Business Miracle.

Here are some other activations you’ll find waiting for you, too:Read More about Release the Impact of Someone Else’s Negative Energy