The Highly Sensitive Leadership Revolution

Heather Dominick

Can you be highly sensitive AND highly successful?

For the highly sensitive person who is committed to entrepreneurial and life success, this little book holds the potential for big impact.

Years of mentoring and real-time practical research have highlighted these secret concerns among highly sensitive people:

  • Why am I so different?
  • What’s wrong with me?
  • How do I keep from being found out?

And, at the heart of it all,

  • How can I be of service to others without drowning in overload and overwhelm?

Filled with ancient wisdom, practical applications, and personal stories from both Heather and members of the Business Miracles Community for Highly Sensitive Leaders, this book brings a fresh, empowered perspective to what it means to be highly sensitive. Embrace your difference—join the highly sensitive leadership revolution.

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List of Chapters Included in the Book

  • Preface by Heather Dominick

The writing of this book and the Highly Sensitive Leadership Revolution.

  • Introduction and Terms by Lorna Lange

Understanding terms and being highly sensitive.

Chapter One

Accepting the Challenge
Highly Sensitive Shadows, coping and energy management.

Chapter Two

Training as a Highly Sensitive Leader
Resistance to resilience and the choice point.

Chapter Three

Using Your Intuition – Deliberately
Fear vs intuition and the power of community, core practice and consistency.

Chapter Four

Doing it Differently
Social self vs. essential self, trama and the process of transformation.

Chapter Five

Being of Service
Comparison energy and magnitude vs. littleness.

Chapter Six

Assessing and Moving On
Self assessment, the good enough business and the privilege of agency.

Chapter Seven

Wash, Rinse, Rest, Repeat
Shadows to strengths, power of your most magnificent self, and let go to let in.

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About the Author

Heather Dominick is both highly sensitive and highly successful. For more than a decade, she has trained and mentored Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs® and Leaders so they are able to work less while making more—impact and income.

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