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December 28, 2023

Manifest Your Biggest Business Miracles with My 2024 New Year Gift To You

by Heather Dominick |
Wisdom |
I've had serious times in my life when I felt completely broken, yet I've never experienced a time when the world around me has felt so broken as well. I know for so many HSPs - clarity, hearts, security, trust, and even friendships and families are feeling broken right now.

The Opportunity to Master Radical Change

If the last few years have brought us anything, it brought us the opportunity to master radical change. We now expect that we don’t know what to expect, but we know it won’t be the same as anything that came before.

As HSPs in business and leadership, we must choose to rise to the occasion of these unpredictable times.

So as we rest in this auspicious time of end of year holidays, I wanted to extend my mentor invitation for you to find some space for stillness and a deep connection to the wisdom and guidance within your own heart. ❤️

This can feel counterintuitive to the societal norm of managing this time of the year. Especially now when we look to the year ahead and can’t help but think… “who knows what the heck is going to happen next.”

Yet, as always, we do have a choice.

The Choice to Do Things Differently and Lead With Our Hearts

When you choose to live differently, to lead your businesses and life from the wisdom and guidance within your heart, then you will experience business miracles, and the world will change.

This is our contribution as HSPs in business and leadership, the role we have to play; whatever we choose to think, whatever we choose to be, is what will determine the world we create.

We have the power within to create a better world for all of us as we learn to lead with our hearts.

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My Gift to You

Because I so deeply believe this to be true and this is exactly what I teach, I’m gifting all January enrollments into the Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Programs a very special up to $2400 New Year 2024 tuition discount.

If you know you’re finally ready to manifest your biggest business miracles then let’s get started.

Fill out the application here and you’ll be connected with either myself or a Business Miracles Enrollment Coach for one of the most eye-opening conversations you’ve ever had.

We have limited appointment spots on our January calendar for Business Miracles Clarity Calls. Be sure to submit yours now. This way we can get you scheduled and secure your discount if we determine the leadership programs are a fit for you and what you’re meant to create in 2024.

May this new year shine bright for you, for all of us ✨

XO. Heather


“The 2022 taxes proved it. I made just over $52k more in NET revenue in 2022 over 2021. And with less effort than ever before! I know this acceleration is specifically connected to receiving dedicated mentor and coach support from my Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program. The quote from my hubby….’This Business Miracles stuff is really working!’ ”


~ Michael S., Highly Sensitive Leader and Chief Potential Officer | Advanced Marketing Leadership Training Track

Struggling with business and leadership overwhelm?

Reaching your business goals with ease, inspiration and calm takes consistent choice/action to shift from awareness, to understanding, and into knowing (what I call the AUK Transformation Process) – and it very rarely happens without accountability and support. Many other HSP entrepreneurs just like you are working to manage overwhelm, burnout, and other day-to-day challenges with business operations and marketing as a highly sensitive entrepreneur.

My high mentor recommendation is to schedule a complimentary clarity call with either myself or a very capable and uniquely trained-by-me member of the Business Miracles coach team. This is an opportunity to have one of the most eye-opening conversations you’ve ever had – without any attachment to the outcome – just a chance to connect with someone who “gets” you.

Get clear on your best next steps and see if The Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program is the right container of support for you. You can create more business and life success with less effort while also making more income and impact in the world.

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