176 The Power of Intention - Business Miracles with Heather Dominick
Episode 175

The Power of Intention

In this episode, we're dismantling the old "New Year, New Me" philosophy that discounts where you've come from, how you've grown, and what you've accomplished up until now.

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176 The Power of Intention - Business Miracles with Heather Dominick
"Setting intentions calls upon our highly sensitive strengths, specifically deep thinking and deep feeling, which gives us the power to deeply create."
~ Heather Dominick

In This Episode

In this episode, we’re dismantling the old “New Year, New Me” philosophy that discounts where you’ve come from, how you’ve grown, and what you’ve accomplished up until now.


Listen in as I share how to counteract old patterns of setting New Year resolutions that leave you feeling unmotivated and unaccomplished and instead use the power of Intention to:

  • access your highly sensitive strengths of deep thinking and deep feeling to deeply create what you desire
  • shift the top 3 highly sensitive shadows into strengths
  • use a simple, powerful practice to set intentions filled with trust and ease

Let the Power of Intention lead you forward into new levels of success with strength and resilience as an HSP in business and leadership.


“There is such a cavernous difference between aim and plan, so I love that intentions include both.” – Heather Dominick

Listen and Learn:

  • 1:16: What is a business miracle
  • 2:24: How to prepare for the new year
  • 5:14: Why is it important to set intentions
  • 5:48: What keeps us from creating intentions
  • 10:34: What does it mean to re-return
  • 15:13: How can the Business Miracles team support you in the new year

“How appropriate to begin the year setting intentions for the healing process of a wound to make the conscious decision to use what has worked against us in the past to work for us in the now.” – Heather Dominick


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Learn more about this episode of Business Miracles at https://www.businessmiracles.com/176

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